AirBNB and other things that give your insurance agent nightmares.

AirBNB and other things that give your insurance agent nightmares. By Jessica Dellemann, CIC Often, when we are doing reviews with our clients, we are finding (after some digging) that they are earning some extra income by renting out their house for Packer games, or by driving for hire through sites such as Uber or Lyft.  When we ask why they didn’t let us know about this sooner, the most common response is that they didn’t think it mattered .  We can certainly understand why people would think it doesn’t matter.  Many of the websites for renting out your home or driving for hire are somewhat confusing, or worse, they may give the impression that you “are automatically covered” for liability issues.  However, in many cases there is absolutely no coverage and even when there may be some coverage, there might be huge loopholes that need to be carefully addressed. Let’s look at renting out your home through a site such as AirBNB.  Seems pretty harmless. The renters are re

Insurance Checklist for Parents of College Students

By: Jessica Dellemann, CIC 10/2/2017 As your "baby" is leaving for college, many questions may pop into your mind... Where has the time gone? Are they ready for this? Am I ready for this?"   One question parents typically forget to ask, is: How does having a student in college affect my insurance? Here are some quick tips and things to consider when your child is heading off to college: 1. Check with your insurance agent to determine if your student has coverage for their belongings or if they need a renters insurance policy. Typically, a full-time student living in the dorms will have some automatic coverage from their parents' homeowners policy...but it varies by company so be sure to ask! 2. Consider putting special coverage on (aka “scheduling”) high-valued electronics for broader coverage. 3. If your student will have a car at school, be sure to notify your agent. You will need to discuss any   roomate(s) and whether or no